Daniel Schneider
עוגיה ענקית

Product Designer

I offer an extra hand for companies who need another designer on their team, and also work as a house designer for start-up companies.
Did I mention I also bake delicious cookies?


I’m experienced with designing system interfaces, mobile apps, websites, e-commerce, design systems and baking Brownies. I can’t present designs I did for clients, so here is a sample of my work:

Birthday Icon set. Super serious.
A sample for a home test that I had sadly done. The mission was to improve an existing system.
An illustration I drew in the theme of plain inspiration and design home tests.
Working with Frank Stephenson...
A Research and comparison system for Crypto coins. Never a dull moment. 
A Cyber Security website. I used Webflow to build it (as for this site as well).
Earthquake cookies that I baked on Friday, which is my favorite day.
Calendar concept. Navigation is easy when dates are close to your thumb.
One of my illustrations. Of course, it’s not me, I only drew it.
A heavy dashboard in a relatively light design.

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